Monday 1/07/2013 01:30:00 AM

hate. dick. overdose. in that order.

fuck. stumble. kiss. forward and by division. the numbers smaller than she antcipated. history in echoes. muted stabs. more scream than blood. and the deafness that accompanies such grave choices.

red strikes the side. blue chafes the thumb. worn buttons on the bomb. destruction is only a lesson farther.

slow commotion. dances in chaos. tepid saviors. spill from the lost. blue pens. ardent embassadors. flaunt the beautiful wreckage.

trials. fluttering suicides hesitate under the bulb. judgement names her. a witness.

knife. pit. pendulum. the stories worm their way through the flesh. cuts. tears. epidemics. set the price of survival.

the drug fades. reality persists. gods set their prices. people pay them.

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