Friday 11/23/2012 11:30:00 PM

seldom thieves in the garden. predators without teeth. plastic eyes steal their faces from the discarded. pale orphans smothered in their own want. naked hunger filthy with ambition. a frenzy of skin. hysterical with numbness.

she wakes him from inside her grey. a long tunnel of words to traverse. she traces the dance of his eyes as they crack open. boulders sheared apart by the drill of the ocean. overflowing with distant words she cannot hear. quiet on the surface and deafening below. an ongoing funeral flaunting empty caskets and desperate ghosts.

tight pants. slim pockets. to hold the notes. the diagrams of footsteps. the lazy arithmetic of going. scratching these temporary maps into our flesh. borrowed places to visit. surrogate destinations. for those that are barren.

false additions. time can only subtract. take back. what we never really had. monsters on the porch. softly knocking.

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