Friday 10/05/2012 01:06:00 AM

chasing the oblivion. thoughts like dandruff. moments like lice. simple creases form the accordion. until everything is gone except the empty spaces.

eager child. blank with need. soft songs played too loudly. voracious mother. rabid with offspring. Fed by her starvation. And hungry for another. life is ours. to give. to use. to take. a conditional tangent. measured against the breadth of the sphere.

terminally unaware. glowering in the muck of sight. soiled and determined. Hot matchsticks with their flame blown out. the futile debate humanity pretends. a fervor of beauty. the gravity of substance. grim stories told behind closed eyelids.

empty agendas. tepid eyes. the words smother. the meaning is absent. Her numbers, each one a small tear. in an otherwise simple puzzle.

listening to the corners. urgent angles in this impotent math. introverts solving for faces. a sea of people drowning in their masks.

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