Monday 10/22/2012 01:47:00 AM

the spiral. a tumble of when. the thicket. proverbs of flesh in a deluge of if. the helix. tremors of resolve. wear the storm in a science of touch. she is only a choice. a stark decision amongst a chaos of options.

the colors. claws and bullets. broke targets. the monster quiet. simple snakes in neglected gardens.

patient ghosts. still waiting for the shadows to fit. empty maps. fat  with paths. hungry for desinations. it's close. the end of the world. the beginning of it. it's dull. the blade that draws these pictures. in piss and vomit and wonder. hardly sharp enough to keep cutting.

these transient heavens not withstanding. these seldom gods unimpressive.

the machien initiates. the reaction absolves. hole in the darkness tell their stories. the small lies of skin expanding.

touch like fangs hollow with posion. bodies eager to be bitten.

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