Thursday 10/25/2012 01:53:00 AM

a boast of skin. like raindrops on a hollow roof. little dolls with their dresses in knots. and the chaos of eternity a sweeping pendulum.

her strength is temptation. the manipulation of wants. sour apples on the ground. her weakness is trust. stones on the apex. the callous geometry of touch.

blank faces. all their eyes behind them. all their word chewed and digested. Waiting. Always waiting on their piss and the shit. Tricked by the weak demons that are bound to this flesh.

she studies the nooses. the burns on their necks. short poems. mostly regret. limp monsters sharpening their claws. on cunt and science.

the tremble of paradox. as it solves for bone. the bleak of skeleton. as it confesses. little pigs with their snouts buried in the shit.

the end weeps. paper dolls and broken scabs. scissors and needles spoil the collage. a stilted freedom weakens the mob.

one night at a time we convince ourselves the blood has stopped.

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