Friday 10/12/2012 12:12:00 AM

elements. daggers. resolve. the structure of darkness. the algebra of lost. terrible truths ready to be loud. time travel suits her. static slacks in her strut. thick hours under the stab of her heels. gargling the blood.

simple bridges. the hum of absent gods. circling. the carrion is patient. though the starved are not. the trechery of time. chooses which pawns to sacrifice. the game adapts. polaroids of want erupting from  the milky candor of hungry eyes.

patterns squirm. the tedious evolution of touch. gnawing its way from crotch to chest.

life simmers quietly. water in a pot. over a low flame slowly building heat. until we eventually come to a boil and begin to evaporate.

bodies rot. go rancid with age. long before death bestows upon us its hollow mercy.

roads choke. lapsing into derelict corners. the mind is a map. a threaded purgatory. ripe with journeys.  sour with distance.

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