Monday 10/29/2012 12:36:00 AM

crawl. conspire with gravity. lips like hard candies. to suck on until they are dissolved. the absolute. the tenative dominion. fingers in the socket. waiting for someone to flip the switch. sour fruits. tremors of touch. spilling over. like stubbron nightmares.

waiting on the spark. the remember. or to forget. whichever comes first.

walk. wear gravity in gold and silver. a wealth of intimacy. a debt of purpose.

she said she could see the sun. eyes closed. it was still there. burning inside her head. pretending to know how close she was.

she warned that it would happen. that it always did. that happening seldom waited for skin to agree. a bargains of flesh. corrupted by touch. a prison of lovers.

time has its own frailties. a student of the possible. is always disappointed. the numbers stutter. the math is weak. thorny masks and sharp claws. draw portraits in the psyche.

tender meat arouses the dogs. feral predators spoil the salve. Everything burns.

the geometry of choices. too many angles. everything measured in corners. everything is cold. nothing is soft anymore.

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