Monday 9/24/2012 12:46:00 AM

tablets draw the wolf. shadows trace the skin. dead things. sharp as breath. the bone trembles. nervous against the touch. the drug lisps. self-conscious with the notion. a zoo of choices. hungry and loud. a parable of animals content with their leashes.

solving for strays. the envy of the equation is chance. possibilities spread like whores. flaunting the freedom of their diseases.

colors trust. yellow atoms spoil the electrons. grey machines wear the empty. in tiny cuts. no need for bandages.

stories and shelves. press on the walls. measure the hours in manipulations. do their math with flesh.

patient thieves. charm their victims. with the simple arithmetic of touch.

we are all time travellers. rigid machines reckoning with fickle worlds. plump petitions of skin forfeiting the past for days yet to come. baskets in the forest. sparks in the inferno. places to be. like frozen masks. thawing. breaking. against absent faces. long leashes follow her. as she wanders into the darkness.

the parable of when chasing us. stumbling. out of breath. small things casting shadows like giants. the light too distant. and no one looking.

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