Monday 9/10/2012 11:55:00 PM

salvage and substitution. figurative heroes in absent capes. the process becomes them. filter and consume. use and collect. plastics and flesh. hollow bones. heavy faces. suffocating on the wind. no eyes. no lips. just fists full of nothing. and places we never intended to go.

the mind is a predator. the truth is a weapon. arguing with the science. polishing the relentless death. no ceremony. no grief. just gone.

a priority of touch. a conflict of contrition. templates for god in strangers crotches. sketches. waiting for an artist.

sallow and severe. a surrender in blue. a victory in orange. the color of choice weighs on her paper. life comes in stabs and bursts. thunder and lightning. starvation and thirst. young. old. all the same. lost. alone. in a world that's always ending.

we're not there. we're not even close. lipstick on the asshole of evolution. wondering what smells so bad.

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