Tuesday 8/14/2012 12:37:00 AM

bare bones. rubber pencils. scrape the proverbial throat. no forest. slender atoms dance on empty graves. the dead pretend to remember. how it feels to live. the living laugh. as if there is a difference.

how long. stares measured in years. how far. distance counted in faces. alone stumbles in. eager stabs at apathy. spill the paint. spoil the witches. leaving lost children stranded in houses of sour candy.

the rabbit races. slower still missing his legs. the tortoise gives chase. the cruel patience that marks every epiphany. she waits for his answer. threads of skin knotted with choices. she rights her army. simple soldiers in a war too complicated. the future finds her. Free, but searching for a new cage.

The hours rush in. Bald wagers on broken horses. The simple math of wanting. the complex evolution of decision. Turning blades from the steel in her head. The deaf listening. as conversations consume us.

The end of the world in bubble gum wrappers and pocket knives.

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