Monday 8/20/2012 12:49:00 AM

the stone breathes. softly against struggling integers. the water winces. differentials. draw the vein. in stumbling markers. barren of ink. the yawning bridge. rarely sleeps. is always open. a swarm of ticks. making their way up her legs.

tunnels in the flesh. speak the math. mountains in the muscle. translate the numbers. knots in the laces of the universe. trials. the jury us. convictions. lacking judges.

the grave laughs. empty as it wants. chewing on the frailty of every step. the soft of the path. the hard of the measure. distance becomes her. fractions of the gods we pretend to know. drugstore magicians cashing in their decks. for thicker capes.

the relentless pistons under her skin. feebly bargaining with the massive engine. that has swallowed them.

a circus of subtraction. Where gravity is the only constant.

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