Sunday 7/01/2012 12:29:00 AM

Corners in her throat. Bend the words. Run. A marathon of suicides. Dirty glass. Open windows. Choking on the world.

Counting backward from zero. Indebted to the void. stalled time machines. the blunt cull of beauty. in stark contrast. to the gentle slope of addiction.

Her eyes the needle. Her lips the thread. Everywhere seams coming undone. emporers without their clothes.

living comes in doses. a foul medicine. ripe with the viscera of choices. not our own. meant to make us sicker. cradled in the poison. the world is fragile and intense.

skin betrays readily. and bones are not far behind. every breath a treason. her voice a scab. eager to abandon the wound.

the years. a broken machine. stiff with mechanics of strangers.

gravity easily recognizes her by the empty dress she used to wear.

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