Monday 5/07/2012 07:13:00 PM

color and conundrum. the grave spark. beautiful witches. all their warts listening. eyes open. lips thin. a rainbow of vaginas. to quench thirsty dicks.

she tells me to wait. count the squares. as the pebble stumbles. a flourish of flesh. the rumble of touch. on the scab of her kiss. the pertinent drama of want. in a thunder of touch. i wait for her to feel the weight of the monster. as the slope steepens.

small pegs. big holes. cardboard and Ferris wheels. in a frenzy of mucous. alone. apple pie and venison. layers. scotch tape fingers and checkerboard kisses. he prepares for the winter. one leaf at a time. purchasing snowflakes in an auction of when.

there is the future. ugly and eager and impatient. foul bricks on the knuckles of slaves. there is the past. buttons and bows and nooses. stealing its victims. in small stones and numbered squares. Sirens and buckets and needles. All stabbing and pretending to know. the depth of the abyss.

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