Wednesday 4/04/2012 01:07:00 AM

choices. the undertow of touch. bony fingers reach inside. lidless eyes watch.

the purpose of the demon is to illustrate the innocent. and so it waits. for such a thing to come.

the liars sleep in the thick of the metaphors. dense stitches on the hem of the world. thick syringes. anxious with the rush.

she wears the hours like soiled underpants. thick with blood and cum. weak portals play to the monsters at the back of her throat.

her skin a sermon. ripe with mania of sin. burnt bridges. to span the distance between flesh and distance. small men in their dark closets. torn notes as to where. daylight confesses its ignorance. in this carnival of skin.

the open door. cold breaths. weep the threshold as she crosses. divided by choices. multiplied by if.

the pastel of her lips. seldom arbiter. eager criminal the lie solves her. with numbers to spare. the simple equation of blood. draws its maps on her arms.

a missing devil naps inside her head.

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