Sunday 4/29/2012 01:03:00 AM

motion. grey songs. in the creases of her smile. too far. daffodils and opiates extract the future from her thighs. gentle tornadoes. brutal kisses. the future is blind. the past is deaf. and we are victims of that foul math.

numbers swell. like the choke of her pleasure as it erupts from her throat. subtle divisions. between. want and need. the shadow in her stare stalks. hunting. dead things and fairy tales. hungry for the end of the world .

the wolf in her orgasm howls. a clumsy bridge. to a important  place. anywhere pleasure threatens a woman is of the advantage.

needles. her words thread. all in knots.

colors. a crises of conditions. the weep of the mountain. as it bends down to show her how far from. how close it is. the obvious paradox. of choices versus being chosen. the parallels of addiction and decision. idling engines tracing the world. in explosions of touch. and swaying bridges.

there is no measure other than this. crippled stars and empty lamps. as she sits in the dark staring at the sun.

too many choices and not enough reasons.

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