Tuesday 3/06/2012 11:48:00 PM

soft darts. lick the bulls eye. patient kisses. lazy target. each moment is an equation. I've never solved. it begins as it must end. helpless and arrogant. demanding and useless. venom hungry for veins. fangs eager for flesh. monsters with wagging tails. saints with hard dicks.

it's all about counting. how close. how far. crippled rabbits. missing paws lucky elsewhere. eager tortoises. crawling as fast as they can. determining the difference. it's all about ignoring the results. focusing on the components.

time in lengthy staircases. the dank cellars from which it arises. time in rented tuxedos. and crashing the parties we weren't invited to.

the poison always dominates. matchstick bridges across an inferno. the steps try to teach us. But the aggregate is all we know. we burn. tilting towers fouling the sun.

the night pretending to wear her and she tries it on. small cuts in the curtain. that separates. lovers and strangers.

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