Friday 2/03/2012 01:27:00 AM

the world arrives in portions. carved meat and loose skin. the nervous thumbs of ghosts. thumbing through the bibles of our flesh. she wakes him. because he her to. if the ratios changed.

quiet monsters. loyal to their purgatories. devils in their fuzzy robes sort their valentines. it's not enough to love the disease. you have to want it.

she wears the moments. in subtle poisons. the beautiful surrender. pale mirrors. fervent ghosts. and strays. like thread. woven. cautiously throughout. molted skins.

life is metamorphosis. change is constant. the hour surges. gentle brimstone. for soft devils. to discover the sharp of their horns.

the trial. the conundrum. of humanity. lies to her. as it always has. stiffens her brow. steep bridges. across shallow rivers. pressing deep. to draws the lips. on empty mouths.

earnest angels tugging on the heels of disobedient heavens.

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