Monday 2/06/2012 01:21:00 AM

treasure. a monopoly of condition. presses gravity. for compromise. her alien awakes. swollen bridges. too confident in the suicides of lonely men.

eager witches. leave their cauldrons to be found. the stab of the moment. reluctant, but deep.

the oboe wheezes. a tentative bridge. between when and if. now and then. the drug excavates. hungrily mapping her innards. engaging each mountain and revelling in every crevice. she trusts it will keep taking until there is nothing left.

she revels in the panic of bitten fingernails and unprotected sex. a curious kitten eager to be suffocated.

her thin dress teases the sun. a temptation of unknown depths. the simplicity of childhood wagers what little coin she has. it's only a game she reasons. dirty windows in empty houses. and keys left in the lock.

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