Sunday 1/01/2012 12:04:00 AM

tunnels. ripe with the ritual. of pretending to change. passageways. take us in circles. chokes of skin. elaborate the dearth of her choices. the monkey scribbles in its book.

a bland surprise. another eclipse. the stumble. of hours. years. lifetimes. groping for a path. searching strangers. pissing on maps. resentful that there is no treasure.

the monkey draws his pictures. in ink. overwhelmed by the depth of his despair.

the Earth moves. sprints beneath us. taking us away from ourselves. in filthy fractions. time passes. dull teeth chewing on the crust. of stale bread. and we are hungry enough to believe it tastes good.

the monkey watches. his pen empty. his books read. wondering. how to differentiate between villain and victim.

he dances. caught in a redundant pantomime. the careless lurch of time. as it sucks the marrow from her bones.

the monkey paints. fingers swollen with color. trembling pictures. the monkey measures. quietly confronted. in scabs. how far we've travelled. to be forgotten.

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