Friday 1/06/2012 11:54:00 PM

decisions. like hydrogen atoms. choices are unstable. proximity suggests patience. experience has different data.

she moves. at the speed of her temptations. velocity is manipulated by mass. distance is distorted by the scale. measurement is merely the folly of comparing. Something small against that which is larger.

she breathes. in quiet fists. desperate punches that leave no bruises. hungry skin that chases. the brittle ghosts cast by broken corners. quiver. below the growing shadows of falling giants.

snatch the bullet from the cusp of her sleep. she tumbles. roiling in deference to the suspicion. that none of it is real. a lie to near to the truth. a plague. more than welcome.

the cold mercy of madness on missing sin. the calm conviction of broken scabs.

a drop of blood. a fraction of when. anything mattered.

kill the windows. tear away the curtains. condemn the glass. reason with the monsters. that the suicide is a work in progress.

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