Wednesday 9/14/2011 12:10:00 AM

comparisons. how far i can see. how close i was. the calm of surrender. the liberation of confession. taut sheets. crisp and white. catch the blood. days. years. months. screws. stripped of every thread. spinning in the hole. useless without friction. the huff of the machine. as it fails to move us.

the void flourishes. loneliness. wild and urgent. howling alley cats. hissing at the darkness. as they sense the dogs coming closer.

functions. the stale of the numbers. ripe with the murder of touch. confession. self. in steps. hate. both a gradual poison. and a tedious cure.

the hours. the months. the years. barter their diseases. a sour wealth. she sweetens with wilted flowers.

contours of the ghost's cheek. incredulous mountains. erupt into volcanoes. chafe against this rabid null. that came so quietly. and dared to grow. so much larger than everything else.

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