Friday 9/02/2011 12:31:00 AM

there are storms enough. for this drowning that I covet. sight is just a blemish on an otherwise blind contrition. a heavy backlog of skin. still to digest. the more I chew on it, the harder the swallowing becomes. i used to be so hungry. so ravenously young. a rabbit vaguely teasing the greyhounds. unable to imagine being caught. i used to be in color. but now i'm only shades of grey. an array of empty winter coats. nothing inside to keep warm. a mermaid confined in an ocean of piss. doesn't drown. can't. but wishes she could. a stumble. a moment. a lifetime in just seconds. one step too far trapped in cement. the wolf still in her bed. taking little bites. so she doesn't notice how much is missing. tease the actors. as the curtain closes. the moment barely there. determined to lie as much as it can.

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