Friday 8/05/2011 11:21:00 PM

i hadn't been counting for quite sometime. but the numbers are independent from the whims of thought. i hadn't been counting for years, still the numbers still continued going up. a soft swarm of drones. each one plunging its stinger deep. i never felt them at all. until i looked down and saw the pile pf torn abdomens at my feet.

there is no feeling in the the touch. nor any pain in the intrusion. it's in the afterwards. when the majority of our lives occur to us.

she was chewing gently on the fire. ample coals dense with the heat. left over after so many years of wanting. her window barely open. the glass badly blurred. worshipping the fragile notion. that something exists beyond it.

just barely choice enough he cautioned me as i lingered on the idea. that nowhere could serve as a destination. i wouldn't have kept going had i known then. how strong it would be. the pull of his emptiness.

the sober chase of the glass. all the world is windows. transparent scenes. intangible. a rigorous series of flamboyant sunsets. raging with color and fury. too far way to be real.

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