Monday 7/18/2011 12:56:00 AM

eager pistons throb. within beautiful corpses. teeth in the tunnel. gnaw on the panic. spend the threads. frail locks. brittle walls. corrupt with choices. so much poison to play with. subtle as she tries to be, her body is a treason.

the barter in her grin. manages to purchase for her only more empty hours. the rage in his sobs festers. growing stronger. spreading its infection.

she touches the void. curious to feel. there is surface. there is weight. there is density. in the hollow.

tying knots. to make windows in the flesh. the muscle. the bones. substantiated by what is missing.

the equation boasts of its humanity. numbers and blood mingle. under the guise of science. she struggles. as time picks up speed.

the whole world deaf. waiting on a blind man's gun shot.

quietly the world ends.

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