Tuesday 6/21/2011 12:28:00 AM

the seldom. fabric smiles on petroleum cheeks. caution. stitches. blunt needles stir the setting potion. years. the weep of silk. from flattened spiders. their prey still caught. waiting for the killer that never comes.

the glamour. frantic conditions. the journey in zippers up her legs. teeth up her spine. tongues down her thighs. the taste. the scent. the incredible dilemma of when anything was worth remembering.

closure. sutures on the the exposed. open flesh. grinning bones. needless of the skeleton. pieces. broken stilts. still higher than I've ever felt.

the stench. a tuxedo of skin. a skunk. the black and white of choices. lost inside the walls. knots and stitches. the formalities of touch overwhelming. the consequences disproportionately severe.

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