Sunday 5/15/2011 01:14:00 AM

the poison makes her strong. in small doses. her immunity decides. which. monsters to blame.

quiet confessions. in labors of skin. dimes lost in the head of the screw. trying to move the massive world that surrounds them.

the hanger. the thrust of the insect. invading. god comes in choices. failing breadcrumbs. the forest. the faun. the concussion. stay awake. pretend dying isn't everything.

debating. the breadth of her imaginations. small gods on the nib of the pen. drowning in the ink. the window. the rape of the glass. as the sun slithers inside. her private places.

turning confession into mazes.

impatient oceans. swell. determined to prove. the geometry of flesh. the shape of when. it all became so obvious. that she had to start lying again.

the flood ensues. the animals build their arks from the scraps of her dress. she's altered it so many times. but still it doesn't fit.

the fountain. the penny caught in the wish. sinking.

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