Wednesday 5/11/2011 12:17:00 AM

Taste the tear. When in strips. Gauze and blood the mortar in. Crumbling walls. Pet the lion. Fingers risked. To feel the roar. negotiate the stage. the dichotomy of the act belies the simplicity of the storm.

just rage. nothing more. the bellow of bloated clouds. as they choke on the calm. pale orphans caught in time's alarm.

sleep. like an aggressive lover. tears the world away. in fits and sobs. the pebbles dance under our feet. a new path drawn in the dust.

the buzzard on her back. tells its jokes to the dead. picking. cleaning the carcass. until time is all that's left.

a permanent drug. a fragile bridge. spanning flesh and decision. a gluttony of gravity. pulling on stray threads.

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