Tuesday 4/05/2011 12:48:00 AM

i was not there. not then. not now. or ever. i could watch. i would stare. captivated by the conundrum of truth. was it a scrape on a mirror. a scratch on a second face no one would ever wear. or something more permanent. a cut the same as an ocean. flowing under the skin. drowning all those mountains in its path.

i would not ever ask. choices. terminal affliction of the dying or dead. that we could. that we would dare be so arrogant. as to think, that what we desire. has any weight. when measured on such an infinite scale.

the dark provokes. the snarl of freedom. resonates. heavy boulders falling. breaking. an eruption of questions. as violent as it is timid. what is a life. Other than its addictions. a harmless question.

what is time. beyond our perception. a dagger. A drug. a heavy cloak. naked emperors pretend to wear.

A ladder. A stair. A foggy glass looking in on. Never touching. Empty utopias.

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