Thursday 3/03/2011 01:00:00 AM

the logic of footsteps pushes her forward. in limping breaths. taking time in shallow cuts. heavy baskets on her shoulder. rife with journeys unrequited.

the winter wanes. in cold furies of disobedience. an angry child denied attentive audience. the mountain lion and the tit mouse play to their cards. wagers and fate colliding in a hard mix.

all colors lost.

what is gravity except the measure of our burdens. a challenge to lift those weights.

choices wear her in broken zippers. this famine of touch. resolves to broken switches and dead bulbs. every eye upon the clock as she counts the years aloud.
the monkey confers with the snake. a union of some deliberance. the apple argues with gravity just before it loses its grip on the tree. a gesture of innate dissidence.

she's been as high as anyone can be. seen both the mountain tops and the deepest valleys.

she's been that high and will be again. Not towering over, but staring up from the bottom of the ladder.

still. everything. even the highest kite. in the angriest wind. they all fall.


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