Friday 1/14/2011 12:29:00 AM

the masks confer. skin debates. what is debt. what has already been paid. cracks in the glass. play with the equations. but the math is weak. and it forget the feel. of loose skin. all the small stitches that make it fit.

the villain comes with many names. so you won't remember. the trial churns. a blind tornado. deciding what to obliterate.

it's all the same.

empty hammocks. the grace of the wind. pretending to know. missing fingers. grabbing at the broken pieces. a picnic basket. a wolf in her bed. such big teeth.

a choice. so many of them. not asking.

everything too small. to see. i might be too far away. but too close is just as likely.

the drum. the caution. of stomping feet. little lies to make the night pass more quickly.

the outlines filling in. the fire finding its rage.

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