Monday 1/17/2011 01:00:00 AM

i wallow in the choices. provisions of flesh. arrogant enough to assume. they know what i need. i indulge the darkness. naive enough still to think there is light in it.

tracing the mountains. through the thin of my fingers. as the ice comes down. in fervent voices. the small gods smaller beings must worship. to find their place in the world.

practical drugs on the thresholds of failing heavens. the animals empty skins. would've been shelter enough. had the winter ended when it should've.

but it goes on. long after the last frost has bitten down on our lips. some invisible predator. reminding us that we are alone.

frantic chickens. no one listening. as the sky falls down. tadpoles drowning in obvious choices. of gods and primates.

bones. draped in skin. preparing for heaven. bracing for hell.

Those choices deciding. Which we'll become.

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