Monday 1/31/2011 12:26:00 AM

when it rains we assume it will stop. when it snows we imagine the flood. when it is warm again. when it's over we return to where it began. leeches in the marrow of gods. hollowing out their bones for a place to hide.

when it hurts we pretend it's temporary. bacteria in the soft tissue. to be steadily eliminated. the cure the same as the life. the shrink of the moment as its fist closes. the clatter of bones. like dice. chance is everything. lord and Satan. chance is what we are. the stumble of evolution. pukes us up. shits us out. in a hot stream of diarrhea. in the chaos of starvation. cannibals are kings.

when there are words we write them. when there is silence we listen. when there is nothing blame it. for the monsters we've become.

wayward strings between then and now. kites close to the sun. the stubborn inchworm inside the pages. unprepared for the book to close.

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