Wednesday 12/22/2010 12:40:00 AM

little pigs flaunting their straw houses. unaware of the wolf approaching. the arrogance of flesh has written so many fables.

to warn us. that the dead have no faces, except the ones that we give to them. to apologize for how dark it gets. even with our eyes open. the boogeymen hiding under our beds. are real. different guises. same monsters.

her house blows down and she is faced with villain. the abstract concept of evil. it's baseless origins. we are travellers. wrong turns and all. we are gods building our heavens. from scars and missing skin. we are gods all of us. manipulating the math. as dormant hells begin to clutch at the surface.

Triggers of redemption hungry for the bullet. the empty dress. I used to wear. boasting the moment that was almost ours.

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