Tuesday 12/07/2010 12:28:00 AM

be patient. it will find us. it's not the machine you would have it be. it's just like us. weak and lonely. stumbling forward in the churning throat of the dark. wondering when. it will be swallowed up.

short songs we whisper only to ourselves. heavy bricks on our feet. as we wade through the damp. short tunnels. no eyes at the end. no spark to signify our surrender. just silence. arrogant in its leaden crown. the scratch of strays. as we turn off the light over the porch.

be patient. it finds us. always does. not by virtue of the mechanics. but something under the skin. the sheer of the wind. as torn sails turn to face the storm.

quiet songs. she sings under her breath. in the years between life and death. everything is there. nothing is. she dances to the motor as the turbines spin. still pretending to move us.

be patient. time is.

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