Friday 12/10/2010 12:42:00 AM

transparent questions solve for why. broken ladders stab the wind. looking for blood that isn't there. she lays the years down. end to end. like empty caskets. digging the appropriate holes as she searches for the dead.

it's not there. but always is. stopped clocks still counting the losses. the rumble of the scar as the healing begins to choke the skin. the chill of the pillow as i venture that first tremble of sleep. it's not there. but it is. the prison is empty, but their cages go with them.

the stumbling earth. limping around the sun. the futility of summer as the winter digs deeper. high enough to see the guillotine. the revolution coming in skipping frames.

yet when i play it back in my mind it's fluid. a perfect madness.

just like love and addiction.

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