Tuesday 11/23/2010 12:49:00 AM

Colors spoil in the dark. Wilting atlases. Loosing their grip on the Earth. The confession is that I've been here before. I know this place. The thunder of her smile and the whisper of her tears.

The wings and the sun conspiring against foolish optimists. Flight exists to facilitate the fall. Gravity tugs. But we are stronger. For a moment. Crayons and matchbooks in an elementary chemistry. Puddles of skin still turning red. The physics. of strangers. The fierce pull of the void. Manipulating the villains I've come to trust.

The atoms in their rush leave us behind. A jumble of molecules. Weighing the nothing.

A witch in the corner with her nose in the oven. Her candy house melting.

Choices sick with decision. Cutting the dolls from the paper.

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