Saturday 11/20/2010 11:55:00 PM

Years ago she knew who I was. Stiff planks of wood pressing the blade into the bone. The meat drawn to the sharpness. As if it knew. Mercy is reserved only for those who have suffered enough.

The prick of her laugh. As I would manipulate the atoms in her gullet. A bucket full of holes. And me with not enough fingers to plug all of them. Her cowardice made her brave. She'd given up on fear. Her smile made me weak. Breaks in the fabric between this world and the next. And me with my hammer. And no nails.

We went that way for ages. Time let us pass. We hid in the metal and the wires. Like small sparks unable to ignite. We counted the millennia. As the world grew old and sick. Helpless to cure it.

We were just children. Lost in the machinations of men. Watching the world end.

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