Monday 11/08/2010 01:40:00 AM

listening for the sour of bones. in the dying smolder of the fire. no flames. only hot ahses. that turn to hurricanes with each breath. no flesh left to drape upon these skeletons. just pieces of muscle like old chewing gum. and time a broken stick i wave at crippled gods.

breadcrumbs get eaten. and children are still lost. axes draw their blood from the bellies of predators. but the things they've swallowed are still gone.

the sunlight comes in doses. some poorly concocted remedy. for a sickness i suffer alone in. for a malignance that fears no cure. bargaining with the wind for a moment without gravity.

i've been falling for years. and still the ground is so distant.

The forest stole my breadcrumbs. I was lost. So I hid inside the wolf's belly. And no one came to my rescue.

i blamed the machines. content to dispute the weight of gravity.

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