Monday 10/25/2010 01:35:00 AM

the borders conceive. pale Nostradamus's. in the cloaks of petty thieves. the dog lifts its leg. to piss in this place. challenging the humanity of dolls without faces. she takes notes. to remember how. the bridge collapsed. the calm waters suddenly rose up. to devour trusted pathways.

there are multiples. there are instances. where the one become many. the future in needles. the past in threads. altering the skin to fit the bones. the bones to fit the skin.

some masks are rubber and cardboard. others are blood and pride. some masks we wear. others wear us.

plastic fingers begin to grab. the small patches of sanity between then and now.

the dialogue writes itself. the flesh corrects for missing moments. she negotiates with the mountain. she's tried. and has never seen the top. the secret it relents. is that i am always right beside the bottom.

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