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Distance Over Time
Monday 9/06/2010 01:48:00 AM

i took the pill. yellow oblong of purulent sunshine. i constructed my ladder. shoe laces and empty boxes. that's it. and why. i found the basement. rigorous with rusty nails to extract from my feet. culling the cardboard flowers that have stunted my garden. these are the walls. The thin fabric between birth and grave. urging the shadows to cover their faces. as i struggle to remember how i once drew them.

with these broken pencils. and the soiled erasers. that always leave remnants of my mistakes.

fidgeting with the cork on the champagne. the eruption a mere artifact. of a hollow glass. a cork in the volcano. eager to swallow us. the riots in his skin. the envelope of her lips. searching. for a place to send away for what has always been missing.

she checks the empty shelves. fighting with the shaodws that insist. there is nothing left.


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