Sunday 9/19/2010 01:17:00 AM

questions solve for when. though time is no longer hers to capture. the numbers strain against the burden of flesh. the man positioned over the woman. empty anvils for the hammer to hit. the division gives in to her obstinance. then feigns to not have occurred. tomorrow waits. for her to approve. as the numbers turn. in a kaleidoscope. years learning to see in the darkness. now that there is light. I am blinded.

i would let them. forge their mirrors from my discarded dresses. i would encourage them. to abuse the dolls. toils this plastic skin. in cracking hours. i would imagine the world in broad cloths and bitten apples. no sin. just perspective. and the tree it feel from.

I'd listen. but could rarely hear. the alarm sounding. as everyone fled. the subtle destruction. i always thought was progress. I'd talk. to myself. as if someone could hear. what I'd said.

Still counting. Too loyal to the numbers. that had offered me nothing. Still counting. The witches in the oven. the places in the woods. where the monsters find us no matter where we hide.

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