Sunday 8/01/2010 12:17:00 AM

the amnesiac asserts her dominion. a vague war with biting pieces. gnawing on fractured images. whispering stories. no one can hear. a light bulb in the floor. heavy feet dancing around it. missing switches. crunching glass. torn filaments.

it's very dark. but i can see. the orphaned mosaic of sight. gasping for the vacuum that once gave it life.

nothing to turn on now except myself. turning the conditions over. the cavalier choices of skin. spoil my fantasy. that i was different. or the same.

i do remember. occasionally. a rain falls suddenly from a clear sky and I am drenched in it. i don't seek shelter, but prefer to embrace the flood.

The darkness yawns. As arrogant as ever. if it remembers me, it doesn't offer any indication.

it's very dark. but i can see. how close it is.

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