Sunday 7/18/2010 01:48:00 AM

Right the words. Connect the dots. Pictures resolve. To matchsticks and sparks. Am almost fire. That leaves her shivering. Massaging the fairy tale. Tempting the woodsman. She steals the ax from his hands.

Manipulating the witch. Sick of the candy. She reaches into the hot oven. Prepared to loose some skin.

There are monsters. To be sure. And there are princes. To wake us up. A stairway. Stuttering through the choke of our footsteps. An echo. As the feast wanes. The Epiphany of skin solving for touch.

She wakes him. Though he's barely slept. Little tugs on the cords begin to open the curtains. She asks him. If he remembers. What it was like to have heaven so close. And doesn't beliwve him when he tells her he doesn't know.

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