Friday 7/02/2010 01:16:00 AM

The bulk of the heat settled into her shoulder blades. As she drew her arms up tight into head. Pretending for a moment that with such an action she could make herself disappear.

Her thoughts lurking at the edge of the room. Staunch shadows tolling in mute booms. Unseen earthquakes shattering her hidden windows. The colors creeping in. Strands of pleasure reaching out to strangle her. Venomless snakes working hard to seduce the rodents into their mouths.

She paused at the door to inspect the latch on the vessel they called time. A mountain of metal to confine an engorged dark mass. A tickle in her throat to bring the disease back to life.

She weighed his eyes. His face. His testicles. She counted it all. As if there was a number at which she hoped to arrive.

And then she entereed the chamber. Not even imaging where she could go. Just pressing buttons and thinking she was close.

The choke of the world stiffening her lungs. The locks on those doors coming undone. As she hurried her picnic toward the wolf.

Some moments she surmised were just that. Made of straw. Meant to be. Blown down.

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