Sunday 7/11/2010 01:44:00 AM

The knot in her brow tightening. As she tumbled the numbers in her hands. Flaunting her fists. The darkness thrilling on its hinges. Squeaking and squealing like an abandoned infant. Eager to be picked up.

She waited for the train. As the earth began to thunder. From far away she felt it approaching. A sudden eclipse. Blinking her life out of existence. Leaving only the skeleton in its place.

A lonely sheet of paper. An empty pen stabbing at it. A comfortable hysteria on the tips of her fingers. The rumble of soldiers. In a war within herself.

A series of bricks showing as she builds her walls. A scale conceding as she takes her clothes off. A fairy tale too real as she peels open her picnic basket.

The meal. A little wolf. A bit of witch. A sip of girl to wash it down. All missing parts. And hard candy. Loose belts. And torn skirts. Pausing to accuse absent villains.

Her hero. A thousand years before and after. Fading footprints in bloody sands. The numbers accusing. Eager notches in a heavy belt. Her thighs struggling against the weight. The knot in her brow coming undone. Fractions of long division. Tolling in her memory. Pictures painted by the numbers.

Moments Thrusting. Hard dicks into the soft lips of limp dolls. The horizon. disappearing. In a series of quiet thunderstorms.

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