Monday 6/07/2010 01:23:00 AM

Long dreams. Marvelously interrupted by an eager sun. The cold skin in her hands. The warm blood on her lips. As she pretended to know what dying was.

Consumption has many lessons to provide. But death is not amongst them.

In nervous gowns she seduced the moon. A cripple strutting on phantom limbs. In a series of apologies she took them prisoner. A passive aggressive coup only a woman could pull off.

Her candy tits melting too soon. Sugar and sun betraying our lust. Unwanted children left in the woods. To be eaten by either witches or the wolves.

Endless dreams. waking me up and putting me back into that stupor of random touch. Where real is always a profound defeat. Where ships sail on the whims of fickle winds. And arrogant gods kneel before the remnants of our foolish courage.

I waited for the seasons. Like a barren woman anticipates the staunch in her monthly blood. A useless burden evolution has overlooked. I waited for the change in the weather, but still more rain.

Everywhere mud. To ask us questions and scowl at the answers we would mindlessly submit.

Long dreams laced with nightmares. Lost in the baggy confines of this skin. Pale tuxedos wearing us at will. Barking dogs on the perimeter. Deaf to the sound of their rage. A ladder on the ground. As her window looms overhead.

She spoils her mimes with voices they'll never use. Confident that speech is useless. Now that her audience is deaf.

She tries on the stern agenda of her ancestors and is devatsated when it does not fit.

Assembling the puzzle in bits of men. She imagined there must be bigger pieces.

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