Friday 5/21/2010 12:45:00 AM

She drowned a little as she explored the bottom. Pennies and dragonflies left in the pool. As the sun helps itself into our skin again. Pushing out winter's various wrinkles. Our potential. Occurring in random intervals. All of life divisible by this one condition. Trusting the button.

She wore the well in determinants. Oblique experiments in the illusion of choice. The fundamental italics of touch determined. To prove her too optimistic. Though she was, anything, but.

These claws. And heavy hides. Protect the animals. As the jungle assumes them. The numbers flourish forward. In a calm procession. Of infected wounds.

Tired skin confesses to letting time win. Little skips of rope. And minor dungeons of when. Leave the empty slipper in the prince's hands.

I break the glass. I reassemble it. Still I can see no more clearly.

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