Sunday 5/09/2010 01:10:00 AM

Parallel forces. Weaving our lives in gnarled stitches and broken drums. Echoing cavities. In the belly of the monsters we've been told are harmless. Blackboards thick with dusty ghosts. As our lessons progress.

Evolution is a heavy mortgage for this flesh. We spend our lives collecting debts. On the misconception that they are investments. Shutting each door as if those rooms can be locked. Wiping the glass. As though the sun can breach it.

Parallels. Only minor changes. Straddling the chain of events. As I scour this wasteland for any indication. That life once existed. A tournament of skin. A battlefield of doubt. As I try on this rotting mask and look in the mirror.

Only to find myself there once again.

Parallels. The stubborn math of the desperate. Claiming constants where only variables exist.

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