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Distance Over Time
Monday 5/17/2010 01:37:00 AM

Begin with the end. Head backwards toward there. Assuming you have already decided. That the animals are dead. The prisons broken. And the outcome is such that we are here now. Examining it. Trying to decide. Whether it can be undone. Or needs to be. Dealing the words. Bit of game. Arrogant wagers. On a beginning worthy of our ends.

Speak to the empty spaces. Where the machines lay dormant. Defiant moons on the verge of gravity. Her weak tentacles lurching at the fallen stones. As our games continue. Unabated. Wet chalk outlines in the pouring rain. Soliciting science for a meaning in this frivolous skin.

Start at the end. Travel back from there. Determine what will happen. And be prepared to explain how it has.

Try on the stones. As you would all these fraying fabrics. The end. Was always the beginning.

Let this deafness determine. What there is left to hear.


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