Saturday 4/24/2010 01:31:00 AM

Numbers decide. Her tattered gown. Subtraction convinces. Speculating thieves. The treasure is found. The grave is. Empty. Broken math and heavy bottles. Force the outline. Skipping chalk and the hungry distractions. Of tired wolves. Coax the picnic basket out her hands.

Small notations. In big assumptions. The numbers. Like divorcing hens. Leave the eggs. Leave the roosters. Useless.

Her cartoon eyes too big to love. Too small to dismiss. Saucers. Full of aliens. Petals. observing the rituals of the thorn. Dandelions. Spoiling the green grass. Blades yet to cut. Angry with the paper.

The liars. Inviting themselves to this massacre. The end sublime. Like dead presidents. The liars. With their boots on. The truth still naked.

Numbers. The jargon of weak protagonists. More victim than hero. She multiplies. In redundant steps. That try, but don't go up. Wearing the wolf in fits of retrospect.

Concealing the evidence. As her trial begins.

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